Thriving with Google Ads is not that hard (in theory)

Yes, we ninjas, do believe in ads. For obvious reasons – we can measure them, optimize them, automate them, and eventually control them. You can do that as well, but you also may have acceptable reasons for why you want to pay some ninjas to do that for You. But let’s say you at least want to know what you pay for. Not going into too much of a detail, our go-to strategy with Google Ads is following:

1. Don’t figure shh up, figure out!

To start, we need to know Google Search keywords our target audience is using (and yes, you need to know Your target audience).

*Yes, you can add Your own ideas regarding of keywords. You even may find some keywords without competition, but usually there is a reason why nobody else is bidding on them.

2. Take Ads like… ads.

Google Ads (and Analytics) have improved a lot during last couple of years in terms of dumb user ability to get shh done. You know the keywords, you know the allowed number of characters, you know what you offer or how you solve someone’s pain. Just write that. Don’t try to be smart about it or my very favorite – mysterious. Have You noticed internet lately? Everyone out there is fighting for the very same – ATTENTION!

Don’t save those ads before You got them best ratings based on tool suggestions. Just take Your time and do them properly. Later, there is not much need to change them, since best ad sets may be mixture of those versions.

3. UTM those baby’s up!

Now you know the top keywords what brings You the most traffic (how much they cost and what is the competition on each keyword). So, separate them and add UTMs to their URLs (google it up, it’s not that hard) to measure how each keyword is performing. Later, you can adjust Your ad budget and feed top performers.

Grand ninja bonus tip!
Depending on the business, you may even want to go more granular than that. You can multiply ad sets with same keyword for different week days or even within same day (one message during the day, another after hours). It is also a solid way to optimize for competition and buy when traffic is lower, ads are cheaper but overall cost per conversion is better.

4. Hardest part – don’t overdo it

Following these steps, you most probably improve Your ads and raise traffic quality to Your landings or website. Kind suggestion is to optimize landings/websites BEFORE You start pouring that valuable ad budget to googles eternal tummy. That said, to optimize your site for conversions, you still need decent traffic.

You can always optimize Your funnels for 10% better results. In terms of optimizing ninjas believe in 20:80 ratio. That also means we kindly refuse to spend that 80% of time for that last 20% value. That said, this 80% would still be better than current market standard.

Ok, that’s a wrap
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