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How about controlling it?


Your business conversion funnels

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Are You ready for a serious growth, though?

Growing often reflects on revenue sheet. Since it can only start with marketing and sales, it can also be controlled by it. You dont need to know all the knobs and bolts of marketing, but You need a proper setup and KPIs in place to make better decsions.

We can help, but for ideal fit we are looking for:

  • SME with 2-10M USD annual revenue;
  • Boring Business*;
  • Marketing budget around 20K $/mo;
  • Board level desire to grow 50-200% annually;
  • Blessings for 4-6 months to make an impact.
I am ready

* Manufacturing, banking, construction, logistics, consumer goods type of Business. We are too old for chasing AI powered blockchain unicorns as a service.

How do Ninjas work?


Growth Marketing Audit

Do you track your CAC (customer acquisition cost), CLV (customer lifetime value) and ROAS (return on ad spend)? Understanding these metrics is essential for identifying the activities that contribute to sales.


During our 1-2 month growth marketing audit, we learn about your company and apply relevant KPIs to track Your current sales and marketing funnels.


Understanding the gap between our desired destination and our current position forms the foundation for a growth marketing strategy.


Agile Marketing Strategy

You don’t need a lengthy binder for your desk. Through a growth marketing audit, we’ve identified the key issues in your funnels and understand your processes, resources, skills, CAC, CLV, ROAS, best channels, budgets, and ambitions.


The strategy is to address errors with measured sprints. We can allocate budget for high seasons and utilize your current team (or use ours). The focus is on an action plan, set deadlines, and effective project management instead of random marketing activities.

These ninjas are skilled AF

Growth Marketing As A Service

Growth Marketing As A Service

You want everything from one place for longer period of time. Works best for ninjas as well. Audit – planning – execution.

CRO Service / Strategy

CRO Service / Strategy

You have some in-house experts and/or agencies in place, but You need CRO/CMO as a service to get most out of current resources.

Paid Ads / Conversion Funnels

Paid Ads / Conversion Funnels

If not us, please find someone who is capable of nurturing best converting ad sets and understands entire funnel, not just ad traffic.

Graphic Design / Development

Graphic Design / Development

For visual changes, its crucial to have full-stack developer in team, who understands and builds on (maybe even improves) current visual identity.

Listen to our Ninja

Our CEO Priit talked about data-based marketing and why controlling the growth is important.

What people say about our Ninjas

Read what our clients are saying about our craftsmanship
Diastone / Vestane OÜ (Ltd) E. A. Shivers

Over time we have used A LOT of different agencies, in-house people and both. What was refreshing and different when starting with Priit and Conversion Ninja team, was the business minded approach.


We have felt the change over last 12 months and hope to continue our cooperation.

Sakala Hambaravi H. Kiige

Conversion Ninja team helped us to raise our marketing quality to desired point and after over 3 years of cooperation they helped us build our internal marketing team.


Kindly suggest to companies who are interested of making bigger step for better.

Rulo S. Lepik / CEO

We found CN during our search for marketing partner who had experience in (b2c) manufacturing and operating in multiple countries.


So glad we found them and hope our cooperation will last (forever).

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